[mrtg] Threshold problems with 2.9.10

Paul Lawrie pal at townsville.qld.gov.au
Fri Mar 16 00:51:34 MET 2001

I am a first time MRTG user who has successfully implemented 2.9.10
monitoring a large number of NT/unix servers and some routers and switches.

I have read just about everything that I can find about thresholds but I
still cannot seem to solve this problem.

It seems as though if I add a ThreshMaxI command to *any* of my targets,
then each and every other target in the config file will attempt to execute
an external script. However, because none of them have ThreshProgI's
defined, they all fail with a bad command/file type of error. I have also
specified a ThreshDir and this seems to work fine (MRTG creates files in

Okay I thought, I'll just add a global ThreshProgI[_] type command which
will save on some typing anyway. However, every single target then executes
this script even if it does not exceed the threshold. I noticed that when it
does not exceed the threshold only 2 parameters get passed (target name and
the value) but when it is exceeded 3 parameters get passed (target,
threshold and value). So in the script I basically just ignore any
invocations that only supply 2 parameters. This is contrary to what the
manual says, and I am concerned about the performance impact of launching
this script for every single target every time it is polled. A file for
every single target is created in the ThreshDir each time the script is run,
even if it is not over the threshold. In fact, it gets created even if the
target has no ThreshMaxI (etc.) commands specified !

Apart from this weirdness, the threshold also triggers every time the script
is run, which is also contrary to the 2.9.10 documentation. The flag file in
the ThreshDir does get correctly deleted when the threshold drops below the
set level and works 100% as expected, but it appears as though it is simply
not being checked before the ThreshProgx is being called.

I'm stuck... I'm almost confident that I've read everything there is on the
matter but I cannot find a solution. I hope it's just a problem with my
configuration and somebody can help. I have attached the first two targets
from my config file.

# Global configuration
WorkDir: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg\images
NoMib2: Yes
ThreshDir: c:\tempmrtg

# Default settings
Title[_]: Performance graph
XSize[_]: 320
YSize[_]: 100
Options[_]: gauge, absolute, growright
MaxBytes[_]: 100
PageTop[_]: <FONT FACE="verdana, arial" SIZE="-1">
PageFoot[_]: </FONT>
ThreshProgI[_]: c:\testing.bat
ThreshProgOKI[_]: c:\testing2.bat

Target[bighaus_CPU]: at
Unscaled[bighaus_CPU]: dwmy
YLegend[bighaus_CPU]: CPU Utilisation (%)
ShortLegend[bighaus_CPU] : %
Legend1[bighaus_CPU]: % Processor time
Legend2[bighaus_CPU]: % User time
LegendI[bighaus_CPU]: CPU:
LegendO[bighaus_CPU]: User:
ThreshMaxI[bighaus_CPU]: 90

Target[bighaus_DSK]: at
Unscaled[bighaus_DSK]: dwmy
YLegend[bighaus_DSK]: Disk Utilisation (%)
ShortLegend[bighaus_DSK] : %
Legend1[bighaus_DSK]: % System Disk Free
Legend2[bighaus_DSK]: % Data Disk Free
LegendI[bighaus_DSK]: SysFree:
LegendO[bighaus_DSK]: DataFree:

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