[mrtg] Re: NT/2000 Perfmon counters

Markus.Koegel at bc.boehringer-ingelheim.com Markus.Koegel at bc.boehringer-ingelheim.com
Wed Mar 21 14:12:53 MET 2001


thank you for your great script.
Since I am not a perl-specialist all of my scripts are NT-batch.
I have normal batch-scripts running every 5 minutes to gather the
information I need.
For example on our Terminalservers I need to know how many users are logged
in (these are not "connected users" covered by the NT-MIBs).
On other servers I need to know how many users are running a special
I put this stuff  into a file (input.txt) as your perl-scripts needs it and
transfer it to our MRTG-Server.

Regards Markus

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	Von:	Paul Simmonson [SMTP:psimmo at wn.com.au]
	Gesendet am:	Mittwoch, 21. März 2001 11:03
	An:	Koegel,Markus  AIV BIP-DE-B
	Betreff:	Re: [mrtg] Re: NT/2000 Perfmon counters


	It's good to see that finally somebody else has actually made an 
	improvement to what I wrote.

	 From your email, I'm not sure what you are doing. How are you
logging the 
	data to input.txt.


	At 10:46 AM 21/03/2001 +0100, you wrote:

	>sorry for that late answer.
	>I use this script from Paul Simmonson to log things from NT that
are not
	>covered by MIBs.
	>Therefore I analysed the script and wrote my own batch-files to
produce an
	>input that can be handled by the script.
	>An Input file has to look in the way like:
	>         ,,entry1,entry2,entry3,
	>         Date,Time,\\Servername,,
	>         01/25/2001,9:49a,9,0,1,
	>         01/25/2001,9:54a,10,2,0,
	>In the config-file you select the entry in the way:
	>         Target[SERVER]: `perl getlog.pl "C:\input.txt" "entry1"`
	>With this line the perl-script takes the first line to select the
column and
	>reads the last line (9:54a) to select the entry (10). All lines in
	>are ignored.
	>I hope I didn't tell anything wrong but on my mrtg this works.
	>Markus Koegel
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	>         Von:    Jorgensen, Marty [SMTP:MartyJ at qa3.com]
	>         Gesendet am:    Donnerstag, 15. März 2001 23:48
	>         An:     mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch
	>         Betreff:        [mrtg] NT/2000 Perfmon counters
	>         Anybody else out there using Paul Simmonson's getlog.pl to
	>         perfmon counters into MRTG?
	>         I am wondering why this is not producing the corrent
	>         This code is using SNMP and pulls reliable stats on the
	>         SNMP4NT  (monitoring an NT4 SP6 server):
	>         #
	>         # NT Processor Utilization
	>         #
	>         YLegend[server.processor]: % Utilization
	>         WithPeak[server.processor]: ymw
	>         XSize[server.processor]: 300
	>         Options[server.processor]: growright, gauge
	>         Target[server.processor]:
	>         . at
	>         MaxBytes[server.processor]: 523444000
	>         Title[server.processor]: server: NT Processor Load
	>         ShortLegend[server.processor]: %
	>         Legend1[server.processor]: Proc Load in next minute
	>         Legend2[server.processor]: Proc Load in next minute
	>         Legend3[server.processor]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
	>         Legend4[server.processor]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
	>         LegendI[server.processor]:  Load:
	>         LegendO[server.processor]:  Load:
	>         PageTop[server.processor]: <H1>Processor Utilization
	>                 </H1>
	>                 <TABLE>
	>                         <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>server</TD></TR>
	>                         <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Me (111)
	>         me at company.com</TD></TR>
	>                         <TR><TD>Processor Load
	>                 </TABLE>
	>         Not sure why MaxBytes is set to 523444000, but it's
working fine for
	>         This code uses getlog.pl and produces results, but not the
	>         Title[server-3]:\\server\Processor(0)\% Processor Time
	>         Pagetop[server-3]: <H1>\\server\Processor(0)\% Processor
	>         MaxBytes[server-3]: 100
	>         Options[server-3]: gauge, growright, nopercent
	>         Target[server-3]: `perl getlog.pl c:\perflogs\proc.csv
	>         "\\server\Processor(0)\% Processor Time"`
	>         YLegend[server-3]:% Utilization
	>         ShortLegend[server-3]:
	>         LegendO[server-3]:% Utilization
	>         LegendI[server-3]:% Utilization
	>         Legend2[server-3]:% Utilization
	>         Legend1[server-3]:% Utilization
	>         I've made sure that there is data in the MRTG log files,
so it is
	>         info sent into MRTG fine from the getlog.pl...
	>         ...
	>         Any thoughts?
	>         --
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