[mrtg] Re: need help with config problem...

Steven Shipway Steven_Shipway at adsweu.com
Tue Mar 27 17:09:59 MEST 2001

One thing that may be causing this is that your MRTG graph is sampling
every 5 mins, and so the bps you get is in fact an average over the 5 min
sample slot.  If your ISP is sampling at (eg) 1 min or 30sec intervals, it
is quite possible for them to get a larger figure - eg,

Time     b/min b/s    b/5min   b/s
00:00:00  6000  100
00:01:00  60     1
00:02:00  60     1
00:03:00  60     1
00:04:00  60     1      6360    21

So, if you sample at a rate of 1min, you get a peak at 6000, but if you
sample at 5min you get a peak of 21.  This is a similar effect to when you
look at your 'weekly' graphs and find the figures are lower than in the
'daily' graph (because they are averaged out over longer intervals).

This is because you are bound to have to average at some point, and you
can't sample every second!  If your data flow is very irregular, you may
well have this sort of pattern and so your ISP will have different figures
unless you find out from them what sample interval they use.

Hope this helps.


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