[mrtg] Re: MIB files

Keith Olmstead kolmstea at centurytel.net
Thu Mar 29 23:06:54 MEST 2001

I think I might have found out my problem.  After doing some more digging, 
I found on deja.com that if you add .0 at the end of your OID it will 
work.  I did that I stopped getting the snmpget error that I was previously 

My problem was the when I did snmpget on the specific oid it did not find 
it, did not know what it was.  Even an snmpwalk did not find the OIDs that 
I got from GetIF.  So I assumed that my Unix box just did not know what the 
specific OID that I was looking for was.  So I found the "LoadMIB" command 
to load the MIB files that I got for the Cache Engine.

I will try your suggestion below.  I do know the specific OIDs that I want 
and I might make a txt file with them in and just use that instead of the 
MIB files that I got from Cisco.

Question though.  How did by adding the ".0" at the end of my OID fix my 


At 03:41 PM 3/29/01 -0500, Mike Mitchell wrote:
>You'll need to specify the full path for both MIB files
>if they aren't stored in the MRTG WorkDir.  The order in
>which the MIBs are loaded is significant, so you should
>load CISCO-SMI.my before loading CISCO-CACHEENGINE-MIB.my.
>What OID are you looking for?  If you know the OID number
>already you can always enter it in a file named
>oid-mib-cache.txt in MRTG's WorkDIR like so:
>    ifHCInOctets
>    ifHCOutOctets
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>Where are the MIB files located on a Unix install of MRTG?
>I have added the line LoadMIBs:
>/usr/local/mrtg-2/routers/mibs/CISCO-CACHEENGINE-MIB.my, CISCO-SMI.my
>   and it still does not find the correct OID.
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