[mrtg] Finally upgraded...and broke threshold alerts!

Don Gourley gourley at wrlc.org
Fri May 4 18:18:58 MEST 2001

Hi friendly mrtg users & developers,

I finally got around to upgrading my trusty & useful mrtg 2.7.0
to 2.9.7.  I was able to use my existing configuration files and
most everything is working as it was.  However, the Perl script
that I have specified to run when thresholds are exceeded is no
longer displaying the threshold value.  I'm wondering if I missed
any changes to the parameters sent to an alert script that might
have been introduced during the mrtg changes from 2.7 to 2.9?

Here is a simplified version of the script (in Perl...I dunno,
maybe its a Perl issue rather than an mrtg one?):

	# get alert params
	$router = shift;
	$thresh = shift;
	$value  = shift;
	print "router=$router ; threshold=$thresh ; value=$value\n";

This is what is being printed out (emailed, really):

	router=wr7505.port7.e ; threshold=HASH(0x42851c) ; value=168

What's up with HASH stuff?

Here's the relevant mrtg.conf directives:

	ThreshProgI[_]: /usr/local/mrtg/bin/alert.pl
	ThreshProgO[_]: /usr/local/mrtg/bin/alert.pl
	ThreshMinI[_]: 0
	ThreshMinO[_]: 0
	ThreshMaxI[_]: 50
	ThreshMaxO[_]: 1000000

The actual alert appears to be generated when and only when it
should...in this case the errors on the serial port really did
have a value of 168/minute which exceeded the threshold of 50.
But why isn't the value of 50 showing up in my Perl script like
it did with the old version of mrtg?

Thanks for any insight you can provide,

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