[mrtg] random mumbling and other thoughts

Garnel, Eric egarnel at Question.com
Tue May 15 22:19:16 MEST 2001

Having a few months of MRTG experience under my belt I still consider myself
a "newbie", but I thought I would pass along a few tips I have learned along
the way.
Please note: this is directed towards Windows Installs of MRTG

1)	Use a decent text based editor, one that lets you create macros,
functions, buttons and/or toolbars to store frequent text, scripts, etc. I
prefer Arachnophilia as it can read htm, asp, pl, cgi, js, bat, txt,etc.
from the get go and is free.
2)	Use David Sawyers' updater utility. It can update several cfgs at a
time from 1 batch file. It is also easier on the server than multiple
a.	For troubleshooting, I leave the "@echo off" out of the batch file
to see it run.
b.	You can alter the frequency to refresh whenever you want - keep in
mind the snmp values though!
3)	I just run the basic cfgmaker with no fancy options except descint
and the hand edit the cfg file as needed
4)	Personal preference: separate out your devices into their own cfg
files; allows for easier troubleshooting, changes and updates.
5)	Personal preference: Use HtmlDir, Logdir, Imagedir and Icondir
instead of Workdir to separate out your log files from .pngs, etc. into
their own directories
6)	Use the "description" on your Cisco interfaces whenever possible.
7)	Use Xsize & Ysize to control the output- very helpful for monitoring
switches! Try loading 90+ images on a page and viewing it
8)	I like to run the MRTG totalizer for "executive level" info  It can
be found at http://www.geocities.com/josef_wendel/
9)	I would like to express my gratitude to everybody who has helped me
out with this endeavor

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