[mrtg] Re: MRTG questions

David Sawyer david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com
Tue Nov 6 10:46:19 MET 2001

You use the OID within your Target parameter.

Take a look at...

Target[device]: OID1.instance1&OID2.instance2:public at myrouter

You will also need to change your labels and key, look for...

Legend1, Legend2, Legend3, Legend4, LegendI, LegendO & YLegend

With errors you have a few choices.

Use "Options[]: PerHour" or what I do is multiply the target the polling
interval in seconds.

If your using the default interval add a "  *  300" to the end of your
target, no quotes but the spaces are important, ie

Target[device]: IfInErrors.14&IfOutErrors14:public at myrouter  *  300

If you read the reference.html in your doc folder all this and more is
explained quite well.



(It's Tuesday and I'm in a good mood, you lucky fellow)

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> Hi David
>          Thanks for reply
>  My current mrtg.cfg is as following :
> ### Interface 14 >> Descr: '' | Name: '3/5' | Ip: '' | Eth:
> '00-30-7b-97-b1-0a' ###
> Target[]: 14:public at
> MaxBytes[]: 125000000
> Title[]: Traffic Analysis for 14 -- switch1
> PageTop[]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for 14 --switch1</H1>
>  <TABLE>
>    <TR><TD>System:</TD>     <TD>switch1 in </TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD></TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>  </TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>ifType:</TD>     <TD>Gigabit Ethernet (117)</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>ifName:</TD>     <TD>3/5</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Port Name:</TD>  <TD></TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>  <TD>125.0 MBytes/s</TD></TR>
>  </TABLE>
> How should my modified mrtg.cfg should look in the case I want to monitor
> CPU utilization,errors and Unicast/NonUnicast traffic ?
> I dont know how to reflect the entries you mentioned in the above mrtg.cfg
> file !
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