[mrtg] Re: MRTG and Marconi ATM devices

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Tue Nov 20 23:46:27 MET 2001

> Greetings!
> Is anyone out there using MRTG to collect environment data like CPU
> usage from Marconi Devices like ESX-3000 switches and 9000 series power
> hubs. I have an OID string for CPU usage on the 3000 switch that I can't
> seem to get to extract CPU usage data. This is the OID and format I have
> been using.
> Target[aa.75.1.15-cpu.1]: at aa.75.1.15

I collect CPU usage and cells/sec counters from two asx-4000's, and 
eight asx-1000's. I had trouble getting the CPU stuff to work when 
specifying the OID on the target line, so I scripted it. It's a 
bad hack, but it gets the job done. Eventually I want to figure out
what I'm doing wrong on the target line, but I've been too busy 
lately. Here's my script, and a sample config:

##asx-cpu.sh - script for getting fore/marconi asx switch cpu stats
/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk $1 public . | cut -c44-47
/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk $2 public . | cut -c44-47
##end of script

And I call it from mrtg via:

Target[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: `/home/mrtg/bin/asx-cpu.sh`
Title[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: ATM CPU switch load, NCATM1-1, NCATM1-2
MaxBytes[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: 100
YLegend[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: System Load
Options[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: growright, gauge
LegendI[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]:   NCATM 1-1  
LegendO[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]:   NCATM 1-2  
Legend1[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: NCATM 1-1 CPU load in %
Legend2[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: NCATM 1-2 CPU load in %
PageTop[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: <H1>NCATM1-1, NCATM1-2 Switch Load</H1>
   <font size=+2>Switch Load</font><br>
Unscaled[ncatm-1_1-1_2-load]: dwmy

So the above config+script combo gives me the cpu % busy 
counter for two switches on one graph. Yeah, I'm sure there
are many better ways to do it, but again, it works, and
I've been way too busy fighting fires to revisit the issue.
On my list of things to do is take all my asx switch fabric 
cpu counters and combine them into one RRD. Maybe some day...

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