[mrtg] Questions!

Troy Arnold Tarnold at norwood.com
Fri Nov 30 20:30:58 MET 2001

Now comes the next questions:  

I write my own config files and dont like to use configmaker this is what I
have so far

HtmlDir: /var/www/html/mrtg/html
ImageDir: /var/www/html/mrtg/images
LogDir: /var/www/html/mrtg/logs
IconDir: /var/www/hmtl/mrtg/mrtgicons
WriteExpires: Yes
Options[_]: growright, bits
MaxBytes[_]: 193000
Title[^]: Traffic Analysis for
PageTop[^]: <H1> Stats for
PageTop[$]: Please contact Troy with any questions

Title[SanaRt1]: SanaRt1
PageTop[SanaRt1]: Interface FastEther0/0 </H1>
Target[SanaRt1]: 2:public at     <-----------------What is the 2
for ???  
MaxBytes[SanaRt1]: 1250000

Title[DesmHost]: Des Moines
PageTop[DesmHost]: Serial Interface to Des Moines
Target[DesmHost]: 2:public at
MaxBytes[DesmHost]: 48000

Title[DesmRemote]: Des Moines
PageTop[DesmRemote]: Serial Interface to San Antonio
Target[DesmRemote]: 2:public at
MaxBytes[DesmRemote]: 48000

So here we go:

1. My graph has a red dotted line at the 384Kb level, I think this is right.
But it does not seem traffic is going over this level.  By me setting the
MaxBytes to 48000 am I really saying do not graph anything over 48000?

2. I dont understand why the port number is in front of the public srting.
I do understand that you can put OID's there to , ( I guess ), look for a
certian type of traffic, be it: errors, ipx traffic, and so on....  Does it
matter what IP of the interfce that I use.  My router has 3 different
interfaces, do it matter which one I point it to ???????  

3.  When looking at the other side of the link as the part of the config
above does, does there need to be a - sign in front of the 2 ??????

I know there are a lot of questions here but this is where I getting stuck



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