[mrtg] Re: OTP with ntp

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Oct 3 19:51:27 MEST 2001

Slightly off topic however at the bottom there's something very
relevant to MRTG !

Paul C. Williamson wrote:

> I am trying to sync my mrtg box up to our corporate time server.
> My problem is that the time server is set for the correct time, 
> but I can't get my box to adjust to it, allowing for local time.

Your timezone seems to be four hours west of greenwich:
     Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 10:45:33 -0400
this is including daylight saving.

Unix computers work internally on UTC time.  Only when they
need to show the time to the user they apply a certain offset
to the time.

If you type "date -u" on the unix box, you will see what the
UTC time is.  For me, with and without the "-u" :

   Wed Oct  3 19:44:01 CEST 2001
   Wed Oct  3 17:44:01 UTC 2001

I live one hour east of greenwich and over here DST is still
applied (upto the last sunday of october).

> Basically, it's 10:45 am right now, but when I do an ntpdate, 
> my server gets set to 6:45 am.

It looks as if your timezone on the unix system is not set.  That
or the company timeserver is set wrongly.

There are webpages available where you can find the current time
in UTC format.  Nasa has (at least) one.  Don't remember the URL
right now but google is your friend.
When you indeed need to alter your timezone you will find that you
need to change the local time after applying the time zone.  This
will upset your monitoring a while.

If "now" is 10:45am and your box thinks it is 10:45 UTC when in fact
it is 14:45 UTC you need to set the clock 4 ours ahead.  This will
produce a gap (or a straight line) for four hours.

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