[mrtg] Re: MRTG not saving history of plot in .log files

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Sat Oct 6 18:45:56 MEST 2001

Hi Alex,
thanks for the example.

I'm doing some testing now and this is my current setup:
- use the perhour option
- run mrtg every 30minutes

Finally I'm getting some plots now :-)
But I think I should run mrtg every 60minutes to match the perhour option

Thanks again

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>>I get some 200 emails per day, so I think that I don't get more than 0
>>emails per seconds.
>>Should I use a perminute option for this setup?
>That's probably not good enough.  Unless you receive your mail
>by five at a time, you still end up with numbers below 1 (assuming
>the default sample period of 300 seconds).
>  sample at time "T" shows there are 10 emails received
>  sleep 300
>  sample at time "T+300" shows there are 11 emails received
>Delta_emails is 1, delta_time is 5 (minutes, we're using per minute)
>Calculation of "rate":  delta_email / delta_time == 0.2
>MRTG works with integers so this 0.2 is truncated to 0.
>If you'd try and sample only once per day:
>at time "T" the number is 0
>at time "T+86400" the number is 200
>Difference is 200 and 86400, rate is:
>normal:    200/86400  == 0.0023148148  --> 0
>perminute: 200/1440   == 0.1388888888  --> 0
>perhour:   200/24     == 8.3333333333  --> 8
>If you calculate the number of emails from the rate:
>0*86400 = 0 emails
>0*1440 = 0 emails
>8*24 = 192 emails (and not the 200 you've really transfered)
>As you can see MRTG is not very good in these low numbers.  You could
>have a peek at RRDtool and see if that works for you.  However, you
>will get results like "2.3148148 milimail per second" which is a proper
>presentatin however some people think it is not done to talk about

Oliver Schulze L.
oliver at samera.com.py

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