[mrtg] Re: MRTG not saving history of plot in .log files

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Fri Oct 12 19:10:07 MEST 2001

Hi Derek,
your graph look pretty amazing.
I have trying the option to multiply in the target line by 12, but i was

Target[messages-3]: mailstats * 12

Thanks for your sugestion of multiplying by 60.

Right now I using the option perhour and sampling every 60 minutes.

Will try to sample every 5 minutes and multiply by 300.
I use a custom bash script to output the data from the mailstats
program. It outputs the same counter that the mailtstats program does.
Maybe I can save the previuos counter state and output only the diference
so I get something like the gauge option will do.

This is the current config with samples every 60minutes.


diget+mrtg at unix.cc.wmich.edu wrote:

 >What we do is the following:
 >>From our global-mailstat-messsages.cfg:
 >Options[_]: growright, noinfo, nopercent, transparent, absolute
 >YLegend[_]: messages/minute
 >ShortLegend[_]: msgs/min
 >LegendI[_]:  Incoming:
 >LegendO[_]:  Outgoing:
 >Legend1[_]: Incoming mail messages per minute
 >Legend2[_]: Outgoing mail messages per minute
 >Legend3[_]: Maximal 5 minute Incoming messages
 >Legend4[_]: Maximal 5 minute Outgoing messages
 >Title[$]:  sendmail statistics - message count
 >PageTop[$]:  sendmail statistics - message count</H1>
 >And then the target is:
 >Target[messages-3]: mailstats * 60
 >This gives us the number of messages per minute.  What we found is
 >that you can NOT use the gauge and perminute option as they are
 >exculsive.  Same applies for the guage and perhour option.  (I posted
 >to this effect back in June and suggested that this be noted in the
 >documentation.)  As is noted below, MRTG will divide the data sample
 >by the time measurement delta.  I have found that the math on the
 >target line is handled before the time delta division is done,
 >therefore, you can multiply by 60 to get a per minute (assuming a 5
 >minute sample), by 300 to get a per 5 minute values.
 >One thing to possibly note, is that we are not using the
 >contrib/mailstat program.  We took it and modified it so that the
 >client side is a Bourne shell script and returns to the perl program
 >on the MRTG machine a guage value of sendmail's mailstat output for
 >the values we are lookging for.  See
 >http://unix.cc.wmich.edu/mrtg/systems/gw1/mail.html for some sample

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