[mrtg] monitoring memory usage of linux boxes

Guillaume Laurès glaures at ebi-fr.com
Wed Oct 10 17:01:23 MEST 2001


I'd like to monitor used memory on some linux boxes, I'm currently using
the following syntax:

Target[srv-java_mem]: memTotalReal.0&memTotalSwap.0:bleu at www.ebi-fr.com
- memAvailReal.0&memAvailSwap.0:bleu at www.ebi-fr.com

(on a single line).

Unfortunately, I get what seems to be not really accurate values, when I
compare them with a "top" command on the servers.
Sometimes MRTG reports a good value, sometimes it's off by 100-150MB,
sometimes it's completely rong: tells about 15-25Mo...

Maybe my syntax for the substratcion is bad ? I could only find
additions examples.

Thanks you !

REst of the config for the target:
MaxBytes1[srv-java_mem]: 776728
MaxBytes2[srv-java_mem]: 65532
Title[srv-java_mem]: Analyse Charge Mémoire --
Options[srv-java_mem]: gauge,growright
YLegend[srv-java_mem]: Utilisation Mémoire
ShortLegend[srv-java_mem]: o
LegendI[srv-java_mem]:  Physique:
LegendO[srv-java_mem]:  Virtuelle:
Legend1[srv-java_mem]: Charge Mémoire Physique
Legend2[srv-java_mem]: Charge Mémoire Virtuelle
Directory[srv-java_mem]: srv-java
PageTop[srv-java_mem]: <H1>Analyse Charge M&eacute;moire --
   <TR><TD>Syst&egrave;me:</TD><TD>srv-java.ebi-fr.com in Salle
   <TR><TD>Responsable:</TD>   <TD>Administrateur EBI
&lt;administrateur at ebi-fr.com&gt;</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Description:</TD>   <TD>Charge M&eacute;moire, Physique vs
   <TR><TD>Taille Max:</TD>    <TD>physique: 776728 Ko (758 Mo),
virtuelle: 65532 Ko (64 Mo)</TD></TR>

Guillaume Laures
Responsable Systemes et Techniques - EBI
Tel [33](0)1 46 29 68 24
Fax [33](0)1 46 29 46 15

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