[mrtg] Re: Monitor multiple IPs on one physical eth card?

Jeffrey A. Croft jcroft at isdlab.com
Tue Oct 16 02:38:53 MEST 2001

Did I mention being offended? Because I wasn't.

I've been running MTRG for over two years. I've been admining linux servers
for five years. I don't claim to be an expert but to suggest I am an
imbecile is pretty lame of you. I do, now, take offense to your insults. I
had a simple question and you were too much of an ass to help someone out
without trying to impress the list with your wit at the same time.

And then you have the nerve to act noble and provide a half-assed, pussy
apology which you DON'T feel the need to copy to the list? Wow, you're a big

Fuck you, Alex.

Oh, and thanks for all your help.

No regards, no cheers.  Not even a sig.  And a copy to the list, ass.

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To: Jeffrey A. Croft
Subject: Re: [mrtg] Monitor multiple IPs on one physical eth card?

Jeffrey A. Croft wrote:
> Thank you for the information.
> Do I take your last statement ("I suggest that you use another mailing
> or newsgroup if you need more information.") to mean that I am not welcome
> here? That I am somehow not good enough for you?

No need to feel offended.  This is a list where MRTG users share

You need to have several items ready *before* you can start thinking
about running MRTG.  I'll give a list that may not be complete however
it does contain a few (silly) examples you should not discuss *here*:

- you need a computer w/ accessories
- you need an operating system
- you need power to operate your computer
- you need knowledge to operate your computer

These are clearly not to be discussed here.

In the same catagory however less obvious is the data you want to
graph.  You provide the data, MRTG plots it.  The list members can
usually help you with this however there are other sources of
information that are more suitable to help you.  If you need information
about redhat linux you may be better of going to a redhat linux
specific mailing list or so.  That is what I said.

> That I am somehow not good enough for you?
> I'll gladly leave, if this is the case.

I know I can have an attitude every now and then but I am not
too proud to let you know that you win it from me.
Please stay on the list, I'll just edit my procmailrc file.

Next time you have a problem with a list member, just write
to the list admins and not to the list.  I dare to suggest
something again: don't write your complaint to me.  Just write
it to Paul or to Tobi.

no regards, no cheers.  Not even a sig.  And no copy to the list.

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