[mrtg] Re: Inwards traffic not correct

Jeroen Geusebroek Jeroen.Geusebroek at intellit.nl
Tue Oct 16 21:46:35 MEST 2001

Hi Tyler,

>Are you so sure that that traffic isn't right?  I have about 20 Mb/s
>inbound right now and about 3 Mb/s outbound.. That would make sense for
>normal internet usage.  The outbound traffic is simple plain text GET
>requests, whereas the inbound is going to be the graphics and html that
>coming back (assuming the majority of your traffic is web browsing).

That amount traffic definably is not correct. There is no one using the
link at the moment, and it's only an ADSL line 1024/256. So it can never
ever produce these kind of figures (I which it could though :)

The router is connected to a switch, so it will only see broadcast
I'm monitoring broadcast at another machine and there is nothing. (at
not 1.5MB worth of traffic :)

>Also, those counters, you need to query them 5 minutes apart, and get
>difference.  The difference will be the number of octets that traversed
>the interface over the course of 5 minutes.  http://faw.mrtg.org really
>has a great explanation on data sampling and normalization.

I'll try that later on.... But I doubt this will give me clue.



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