[mrtg] Re: Pop configs

Daniel R. Kilbourne drk at netophilia.net
Thu Oct 18 01:18:56 MEST 2001

Let me see if I understand you here....

Do you get a single value from somewhere that is all of your access gear 
added together?

Or, do you need to add several boxen together?

If it is the first one, then just create a config using that one OID: ie:

Target[total-modems]: oid&oid:community at box

If it is the second, then it is a simple addition case: ie:

Target[total-modems]: oid&oid:community at box + oid&oid:community at box2 + 
oid&oid:community at box3
(make sure to change Maxbytes to reflect the total available modems across 
all boxen).

If this makes no sense, feel free to contact me offl-list to explain to me 
exactly what you need.


At 05:04 PM 10/17/2001 -0500, Keith Olmstead wrote:

>Is there a way that I can make a cfg that is on a pop lvl?  Right now I
>have one cfg file for each dialup box, ie pm3-1, pm3-2, pm3-3.  What I am
>needing to do is create a cfg file that i can use to see the total number
>of users in a dialup city.  We used to do it with this target:
>Target[xxxxx]: `cat /home/httpd/html/popstats/pm3-1` + `cat
>/home/httpd/html/popstats/pm3-2` + `cat /home/httpd/html/popstats/pm3-3'+
>`cat /home/httpd/html/popstats/pm3-4`
>what the pm3-1 has it in is the total number of modems online for that box.
>Now we don't have that file, we get the total number of user online with an
>snmp variable.
>Is there a way to get a cfg file that does this?
>If someone does not understand, let me know.
>Keith Olmstead
>CenturyTel Network
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