[mrtg] Re: Log file names - argh..

John Jackson j.jackson at umassp.edu
Fri Oct 19 17:08:20 MEST 2001

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Paul C. Williamson wrote:

> So you have a few choices...
> 1.  Add a directive to do the interfaces by something other than 
> interface metric:


Well, these are what I was trying to use, and they are what were causing
mrtg to start using new log file names.  I'd like to be able to use these
directives but still retain the index number based file names.

> 2.  When regenerating the config, copy the old data to the new name.

I have a couple of hundred different log files and no aggregate way of
renaming them when if index number in a file name changes to being an ip
address number instead.  So, I was trying to avoid having to rename each
one by hand, and having to do it a number of times as I try several
different things to figure out the way I want my data to look.  Maybe if I
just do my experimenting with ony one target and then when I've decided on
just what I like, then doing the painful individual renaming of
everything, I suppose..

> 3.  When generating the config, rename the targets in the new config 
> to the old file name. 

That would still mean having to go and edit the information for each
target/file name individually.  

> Anyway you do it, you have to change something.  You could call your 
> file name 'cheesemuncher.log' and the Target[cheesemuncher]: for 
> all mrtg cares.  It does not store the name of the file in some "secret" 
> place inside the data file.  

I think I know what you're saying.  That's about all I have for options
then, it sounds like, as far as you know, huh?  That's what I was fearing
too but I wanted to try asking.  Is it me or would it be nice if there was
a way of dealing with this issue that scaled better?  Thanks for your
message :)


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