[mrtg] Re: BGP Monitoring MRTG

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Tue Oct 23 13:25:47 MEST 2001

>>>>> "dm" == David Manchado <dmanchado at eurociber.es> writes:
> I want to monitor BGP4 Prefixes on a Cisco Router. This router
> supports over 10 BGP sessions and I'd like to graph how many
> prefixes anounces each AS/BGP Session, is this posible; or can I
> know the whole amount prefixes anounces by all the BGP sessions at
> least?

Unfortunately neither of this can be found directly in the current BGP
MIB (RFC1657) or in any Cisco MIB I know of.

However, the current Internet-Draft proposal for an improved
replacement for RFC1657 includes a table `bgpPrefixCountersTable',
which has per-peer (and per-address family) counters of prefixes
received, sent, withdraws received, withdraws sent, in-RIB, accepted,
and rejected.  See e.g.


(should soon be replaced with a -01 or -02 version).

> I've found BGP4-MIB.my and I use the LoadMIBs command (LoadMIBs:
> /path/BGP4-MIB.my); I always get the same error: Expected number but get ""

> How can I implement this? Do I have to write an external script and
> link it to MRTG or I can write down a .cfg file?

Unfortunately this isn't really possible using SNMP requests yet, at
least not with standard MIBs.  So you can either write a script that
gets this information by telnetting to the router and parsing "show
ip bgp summary" output, or wait until Cisco starts implementing the
new BGP-4 MIB.

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