[mrtg] Re: Cisco Router Traffic Load

Dave Williams dave_williams at eli.net
Wed Oct 31 03:36:27 MET 2001

 It looks to me like a Cisco Private Enterprises Mib will work using OID: 

. where x is the interface number. 

The variable description is: lifTable.lifEntry.loclfLoad.x 

Zeng Xing NCS wrote: Currently I am monitoring the traffic load of Cisco
Router (2501) through 
the fomula: 

max(ifInOctets, ifOutOctets)/ifSpeed 

I was told by the network administrators that they could see the traffic 
load in Cisco console by issuing the command "show interface#", which 
displays something like "in load 10/255, out load 15/255". Does anyone know 
if there is a OID for this? 


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