[mrtg] Log file not updating

Michael Mathis mathis at cisco.com
Fri Sep 7 17:09:00 MEST 2001

I am trying to monitor CPU utilization on a Cisco router.  I have 
mrtg-2.9.17 installed.  I have made configs with config maker to monitor 
bandwidth, and they work properly.  Here is the config file I am trying to 
use to monitor CPU usage:

WorkDir: /etc/httpd/mrtg
Target[rtrA.cpu]:. at
RouterUptime[rtrA.cpu]: public at
MaxBytes[rtrA.cpu]: 100
Title[rtrA.cpu]: CPU LOAD
PageTop[rtrA.cpu]: <H1>User CPU Load %</H1>
ShortLegend[rtrA.cpu]: %
YLegend[rtrA.cpu]: CPU Utilization
Legend1[rtrA.cpu]: User CPU in % (Load)
Legend2[rtrA.cpu]: Idle CPU in % (Load)
LegendI[rtrA.cpu]:  User
LegendO[rtrA.cpu]:  Idle
Options[rtrA.cpu]: growright,nopercent

When I run MRTG, an SNMP call goes out to the router and comes back with 
the right information.  The first line of the log file is updated with the 
proper values for CPU.  But when I rerun mrtg, the values do not filter 
down the log.  The first line just gets replaced with new values.  Does 
anyone have an idea about what's happening.  I know its probably know its 
something stupid but can't figure it out.

Second, if you look closely you will see that I preceded the OID's with a 
period.  snmpgets work when i do this, but not if I just supply the 
OID.  Any ideas why?  I am using UCD-snmp version: 4.1.2

Thank you very much,

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