[mrtg] Re: BigIP and MRTG...

Jon Nistor nistor at snickers.org
Fri Apr 12 17:11:05 MEST 2002

Here's what we have for what we're monitoring at work, hope its of some

Load Average:

.   1 Min Load Average
.   5 Min Load Average
.   15 Min Load Average

Disk Space:

.   /   Percentage
.   /usr   Percentage
.   /var   Percentage


.   bigd
.   cron
.   init
.   syslogd
.   bigdnode
.   sshd
.   sod
.   bigsnmpd
.   big3d

.   Connections Per Second
.   TCP Connections

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            Jon (nistor at snickers.org)


On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:

::Have you tried walking the entire tree?  Is you use Windows, I think
::the tool is snmputil or GetIF, for *nix it's snmpwalk.  If those MIBs are on
::the box in question, you'll get a ton of info that you can graph.
::>>> "Winter, R. Stephen" <SWinter at becu.org> 04/12/02 10:49AM >>>
::Hey All...  I was wondering if anyone can point me to a config for
::monitoring BigIP VIP's and Pools...  When I run the standard "cfgmaker" all
::I get are the NIC's....  I see that BigIP has a seprate/private MIB file,
::but am not sure if/how to utilize it..
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::> RStephen Winter
::> IT Network & Security Department
::> Boeing Employees' Credit Union
::> v/206-439-5908, f/206-812-5208
::> swinter at becu.org
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