[mrtg] Re: ATM with the "C2" DS1 netmon

Jason Frisvold Jason.Frisvold at corp.ptd.net
Fri Apr 12 18:56:37 MEST 2002

I just saw this on the list...  We successfully graph a large amount of
information from the Marconi switches... Everything from traffic to cpu
and memory...  I can give you the mibs if you like...

What you need to remember is that they use pretty unique oid's for their
ports on some of the mibs...

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> Well I have gotten atmmaker to work on most of the atm switches here.
> However there are about 2 dozen devices that seem to have only the
> mentioned thing in common that DONT work.
> I end up gettings a maxbytes[device.instance] 0 line in the config
> which indexmaker screams at.
> The actual error after trying to run indexmaker on the config file is:
> ERROR: CFG Error in "maxbytes[hostname.instance]", line 12: 0 must be
> Number bigger than 0
> Needless to say this is causing about 2 dozen devices not to be
graphed. I
> can write a perl script which would blank out the lines (interface)
> with this problem line, but I am hoping there is a more "proper" work
> around.

As a test fix, just replace the maxbytes zero value with 
193000 (if these are configured to be 24 channel DS1's).
If you're using marconi/fore equipment, I'll be surprised
if this works tho.

I tried graphing some DS1's out of one of my Fore/Marconi
ASX-1000 ATM switches and have had absolutely no luck. I did
come up with a config that works, but the graphs are always
constant at 250kB/sec. I couldn't access the counter for
the DS1 'controller' interface directly (that counter does
not exist on my switches) so I picked up the counter that
"virtually connects" the DS1 controller interface to the
ATM switch backplane. Unfortunately it shows a constant
rate that never changes - a rate that probably matches 
pretty close to that of a European E1 at full speed. I 
suspect that the same backplane virtual interface is used
for both DS1 and E1 controllers in these switches, hence
the ~250kB/sec input/output rate. Actually, to get more
detailed these counters are in cells per second. I am 
multiplying by 53 to get my bytes/sec data but it's 
always the full backplane connector interface rate either
way. :( 

To illustrate what I'm talking about, if you snmpwalk
your marconi w/ DS1 interface card, the DS1's will show
up as:

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1033 = "dsx1 supporting CES"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1034 = "Atm Interface"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1035 = "dsx1 supporting CES"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1036 = "Atm Interface"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1037 = "dsx1 supporting CES"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1038 = "Atm Interface"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1039 = "dsx1 supporting CES"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1040 = "Atm Interface"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1041 = "dsx1 supporting CES"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1042 = "Atm Interface"

Counters do not exist for the 1033, 1035, 1037, 1039, and 1041
interfaces. If you try to walk/get the counters for these 
nothing will come back. The even numbered interfaces above -
1034, 1036, etc - will return valid counter data when polled
for in/out cells. However, as I said above they always have
the exact same delta, poll after poll.

Below is snmpwalk for the inoctets counter data, notice the
abscence of the odd numbered counters.

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1032 = Counter32: 0
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1034 = Counter32: 220173816
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1036 = Counter32: 220173392
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1038 = Counter32: 220173392
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1040 = Counter32: 0
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1042 = Counter32: 4089688905
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1044 = Counter32: 2847514280

If anyone out there has successfully polled in/out traffic 
from a DS1 on a marconi box, I would love to know how. I have 
a bunch of these that are really important but haven't ever
been able to get stats. Yes, I tried to poll the attached CSU, 
but the Adtran Atlas 800 always reports zero counters for all 
of the interfaces on it. Since these are mainframe lines that
terminate on both sides to 3745 FEP's, the CSU & ATM switch
are the only places I could even think about polling.

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