[mrtg] mrtg and rrdtool on windows 2000

'Donald Mahler' dmahler at telcordia.com
Tue Apr 16 23:29:24 MEST 2002

After posting my questions a few days ago ("I have a  need to be able to
generate the graphs myself, preparing the logfile  and then calling some
subroutine of mrtg to actually make the graphs") , I have decided to take
the plunge and implement rrdtool (more than one person nudged me in that
direction :-)
There was a series of issues I have with mrtg (mostly scaling and
multivariable graphs) that I needed to move to rrdtool.

I installed  mrtg-2.9.17,  Perl 5.6.1, and rrdtool 1.0.35 on my windows
2000 machine.   This machine runs mrtg 2.8.12 quite well.

After reading and rereading Alex van den Bogaerdt's tutorials, and also
doing all his "examples", I do have a working rrdtool install.

my problem is in the mrtg integration.   I am getting the error message

"Can't locate loadable object for module RRDs in @INC (@INC contains: c:
\usr\local\rrdtool\perl-shared\blib\lib\ D:/mrtg/mrtg-2.9.17/bin\..
\lib\mrtg2 D:/mrtg/mrtg-2.9.17/bin d:/Perl/lib d:/Perl/site/lib .) at D:
\mrtg\mrtg-2.9.17\bin\mrtg line 159"

I looked thru every reference to this in google, to no avail (did a google
search on mrtg, rrdtool,rrds.pm,).
please note that on my system, the file c:
\usr\local\rrdtool\perl-shared\blib\lib\RRDs.pm DOES exist.   weird.

The mrtg input is attached below (I do realize that the html stuff is not
needed - I am trying to convert slowly... heh).


I am using the binary distribution of rrdtool (I have no compiler).  is
that my problem?)
Does anyone have rrdtool working with mrtg on windows 2000?
Did you also get the RRDs.pm message?   what did you do to fix it?

Any help much appreciated


Don Mahler

PathAdd: c:\usr\local\rrdtool\src\tool_release
LibAdd: c:\usr\local\rrdtool\perl-shared\blib\lib\
LogFormat: rrdtool
WorkDir: d:\commands\reports\mrtg
MaxBytes[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: 100
Options[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: growright, nopercent , integer, absolute ,
Unscaled[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: dwmy
Title[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: emgttechub2 CPU Consumption via rrd
Ylegend[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: CPU Percent
ShortLegend[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: CPU
Legend1[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: Current CPU
Legend3[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: Average CPU
LegendI[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]:  CPU 0;&nbsp
Legendo[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]:  CPU 1;&nbsp
PageTop[emgttechub2.cpu.rrd]: <H1>CPU Analysis
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>emgttechub2  </TD></TR>

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