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Gibson, Paul paul.gibson at atosorigin.com
Thu Aug 8 06:04:34 MEST 2002

Hi Martin,

	I have tried specifying the command line exactly like  you have

I get this when I attempt to run mrtg

ERROR: CFG Error in "threshprogi[router_se1]", line 36: Threshold program
 /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdover.sh $THRESH_DESC cannot be executed

If I remove the $THRESH_DESC  everything runs nicely

 Paul Gibson

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It becomes a variable in your program.
>ThreshProgI[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdover.sh $THRESH_DESC

The shell script as you have here will need to 
echo $THRESH_DESC or something like that ( I use Perl )


At 01:13 PM 8/8/02 +1000, Gibson, Paul wrote:
>	I am trying to setupo thresholding from within MRTG, however I'm
>finding the mrtg docs a little vague and lacking in detail.
>The docs say there is a variable THRESH_DESC variable that is defined with
>the ThreshDesc entry in the cfg file,  what I'm having trouble with is
>that variable,  where/how do I use it ???
>Example config
>Target[router_Se1]: #Se1:public at router:
>SetEnv[router_Se1]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Serial1"
>Directory[router_Se1]: router
>ThreshMaxI[router_Se1]: 90%
>ThreshMinI[router_Se1]: 75%
>ThreshProgI[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdover.sh
>ThreshProgOKI[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdunder.sh
>ThreshMaxO[router_Se1]: 90%
>ThreshMinO[router_Se1]: 75%
>ThreshProgO[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdover.sh
>ThreshProgOKO[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdunder.sh
>ThreshDesc[router_Se1]:** 1984k ANSI to Telstra **
>MaxBytes[router_Se1]: 248000
>Title[router_Se1]: Serial1 ** 1984k ANSI to Telstra **
>PageTop[router_Se1]: <H1>Serial1 ** 1984k ANSI to Telstra **
><numerous crap deleted)
>What I'm trying to do is get a description of the interface out to the
>mrtgthresholdover.sh  script  but when ever I use  
>ThreshProgI[router_Se1]: /usr/local/bin/mrtgthresholdover.sh $THRESH_DESC
>MRTG errors complaining about that line,    everything else is working ok
>ANy suggestions ???
>> Regards
>> Paul Gibson
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