[mrtg] Cisco AS5300 modem monitoring

Hogg, Bill (Manx Telecom) Bill.Hogg at manx-telecom.com
Wed Aug 14 12:46:31 MEST 2002

Hope someone can help with this.  I have opened a Cisco case but it didn't
fully solve the problem.

I have a Cisco AS5300 router and would like to use MRTG to monitor the modem
connection speeds that my users connect at.  The router has 120 modems.
They are numbered 1/0 through to 1/59 and then 2/0 to 2/59.

Cisco have confirmed to me that modem 1/1 would have an OID ending in 1.1
and 1/2 ends in 1.2 etc, etc...

My MRTG server runs on Windows NT.  With the help of Cisco I was able to
query the modem connection speeds.  They suggested using snmpwalk.  I found
that no such utility was available on Windows (its only Unix).  Instead I
can use "snmputil" which can be installed from the Windows NT resource kit.

By using snmputil I could get a response form the router with the connection
speeds of users.  I have attached this output for reference in the files
dos14.txt and dos15.txt

As I understand it these OID's refer to the direction.  i.e. .14.1.1 refers
to the user's downstream speed and the 15.1.1 refers to the user's upstream

I also attach the MRTG config file mrtgconf.txt

I have changed my router's IP to and also changed the community
name to "community"

That's the background....can anyone advise why my graph shows a flat line,
which never changes, and also doesn't reflect the actual connect speeds.  I
have attached a log file of the data collected router.log  You will see the
first line is "1029321735 46666 28800" but the rest of it is the same
(presumably why the graph doesn't change).  I found this mentioned on the

1.	Your device is unreachable 
2.	MRTG didn't run for some time
3.	The values are too high according to your MaxBytes setting 

I see 3 as the possible cause - can anyone advise on what value to use in my
config file ??  64000 bps is the max connection speed.

Other than this where am I going wrong....??

Thankyou very much for any advice in advance !


 <<dos14.txt>>  <<dos15.txt>>  <<mrtgconf.txt>>  <<router_TXRXspeed.log>> 
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