[mrtg] perminute

Randy Herban RHerban at gramtel.net
Thu Dec 12 16:08:48 MET 2002

I have many graphs being done and one particular one I wish to have it
displayed with the perminute option.
I added an option for that particular item with perminute in the list and it
changed the numbers to the appropriate values.
The only problem is that it changed *all* numbers, for this graph and the
rest of the graphs as well to per minute instead of their normal values.
Is this a problem with my config or something that is supposed to happen
RRDtool 1.0.37
Red Hat Linux release 7.1 (Seawolf)
Options[_]: growright,noinfo
#following is example of normal graph i do not want as a perminute rate
Target[mx3.mailq.total]: `/scripts/mail-mrtg mailq.total mx3`
MaxBytes[mx3.mailq.total]: 100000000
Title[mx3.mailq.total]: MailQ on mx3
PageTop[mx3.mailq.total]: <H1>MailQ on mx3</H1>
YLegend[mx3.mailq.total]: Mails In Queue
LegendO[mx3.mailq.total]: Incoming Mails
LegendI[mx3.mailq.total]: Outgoing Mails
Options[mx3.mailq.total]: growright,noinfo,absolute
kMG[mx3.mailq.total]: ,k,m,b,t
#following is the graph i want as perminute, but distorts rest of graphs
Target[mail]: `/scripts/mail-mrtg mailspam`
Title[mail]: Messages Processed (per min)
PageTop[mail]: <H1>Messages Processed</H1>
Options[mail]: growright, noinfo, perminute
WithPeak[mail]: wmy
MaxBytes[mail]: 50000
AbsMax[mail]: 1000000
YLegend[mail]: Messages
ShortLegend[mail]: &nbsp;messages &nbsp; &nbsp;
LegendI[mail]: Mail per min
LegendO[mail]: Spam per min
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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