[mrtg] Re: Memory, Varibles, and Death

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Tue Dec 24 15:12:58 MET 2002

}     I am using the Cisco OIDs for free memory and largest 
}block free.  In
}the graph, it reports total memory as a number I plug into the 
}config file.
}I tried doing something like {total memory}+{free memory}, but 
}MRTG freaked
}and died.  How do you calculate the total memory of a device 
}for use on the
}MaxBytes line?

I monitor memory on my ciscos, but it doesn't seem very useful.
In 2+ years of MRTG memory plotting, I have yet to see the graphs
look like anything except flat lines. There are probably better 
OIDs to look at than what I built my configs for, but it's not 
that high of a priority.

As for dynamically building a config and having it find the total 
memory of each different device, that's a little more complicated. 
It would be very device specific and would probably require a fair 
amount of custom scripting per device. When I do memory polling, 
I just set the max bytes value to some arbitrary high number and 
use the "Options[target]: nopercent" directive to ditch the 
percent data.

}     On another note, use the cfgmaker script to generate a 
}basic cfg file.
}Then I drop some lines at the end for CPU, Memory, Temp, and 
}to tell it to
}use RRDTool.  I'd like to use varibles for the values.  I 
}tried something
}But MRTG freaked and died.  The cfg file looks something like 
}a programming
}language file, can we use varibles and stuff in there?

Are you using cfgmaker templates? It sounds like that's what you
want to do. Take a look at this template for a starting point:


There is an example command line at the top of the file that 
details how to use it with cfgmaker.

}  Last note.  Sometimes, I lose connectivity to devices out on 
}my network.
}It seems that after a while without contacting a device, MRTG 
}freaks and
}dies.  I am running on WinNT and using startup shortcuts (as opposed to
}services) to launch one copy of MRTG for each device.  Anyone 
}else notice

<dumb look> I haven't run mrtg on NT, so I can't help with this. </dumb 

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