[mrtg] Re: Format

Eskil Kvalnes eskil at uten.net
Tue Feb 12 00:14:37 MET 2002

That is what I see... That file is just a static version of the output.

My config file looks like this:

WorkDir: /www/htdocs/mrtg
IconDir: icons/
Colours[_]: DARK GREEN#006600,LIGHT
XSize[_]: 350
YSize[_]: 80


Title[host-ppp0]: Linjetrafikk
MaxBytes[host-ppp0]: 125000
AbsMax[host-ppp0]: 125000
Options[host-ppp0]: gauge
Target[host-ppp0]: `/usr/sbin/cban -i ppp0 -m`
PageTop[host-ppp0]: <H1>ppp0 - Traffic stats on hypothetic [ADSL]</H1>
YLegend[host-ppp0]: Bytes/s
ShortLegend[host-ppp0]: B/s
Legend1[host-ppp0]: Incoming Traffic
Legend2[host-ppp0]: Outgoing Traffic
Legend3[host-ppp0]: Maximum Incoming Traffic
Legend4[host-ppp0]: Maximum Outgoing Traffic
LegendI[host-ppp0]: &nbsp;In:
LegendO[host-ppp0]: &nbsp;Out:
WithPeak[host-ppp0]: ymwd

Maybe this has something to do with the cban?
When running the cban with that syntax described above this happens:

[root at hypothetic mrtg]# /usr/sbin/cban -i ppp0 -m
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

Eskil Kvalnes
eskil at uten.net
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> Eskil Kvalnes wrote:
> >
> > Hmm... odd.. I'm using 100kbps out of 128kbps possible in
> > and 0kbps out of 32kbps possible out. Still says B/s...
> 100kbps, that's 100/8 = 12.5 kB/s.  Are you seeing something
> like 12500 B/s ?  If so, that is indeed wrong me thinks ...
> If this is the case, give more detail and repost *on the list*
> so someone may be able to figure out what's wrong.  The relevant
> portion of your config file may help (make sure to hide sensitive
> information such as community strings).
> cheers,
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