[mrtg] Re: Best Practices

Labelle, Michel mlabelle at city.coquitlam.bc.ca
Fri Jan 4 19:26:20 MET 2002

>>You haven't heard anything back because your question is not so much
technical as it is artistic.

Agreed, but as with most artistic endeavours, that's where the money is...
As one of my old bosses use to say, Any monkey can setup a network, only a
human can make it beautiful...

>>Does your company have a disaster recovery (DR) plan(AKA business
resumption plan)? 

We are actually going to focus on our KPI (Key performance indicators) that
we measure our group by, and the various terms of the SLA agreements that we
report back to our user community.  These are the justification for the

>>To prevent problems from happening, we need to be in a pro-active mode.
But, it is much harder to be pro-active. 

And that's where my question was really focused.  For the long term value of
the system, what triggers/values have people found to be the most relevant.
Where is the value to be found that will make this a system you can't live
without.  Basic traffic stats and CPU utilization are good for some growth
planning, but what OID has anyone dug up that they can't live without?

Additionally I'm looking for input on how to organize the data / graphs etc
so that the system is easy to maintain as changes (v3) come into play or
additional information is required. I've see some great looking sites out
there such as the CANET3 traffic map
http://www.canet3.net/stats/CAnet3map/CAnet3map.htm that shows a vast amount
of information VERY effectively.  But very little about how and why things
are organized the way they are.  I know a lot of it is a matter of style,
just like the majority of our network designs, but I'm still digging for
that gem of reasoning.

>>I wrote a FAQ answer to the question "I just got MRTG up and running. It
looks great! But now what do I do with it?" The answer is here:

Great overview, but still doesn't answer the questions within your own page.
What was of value for you and WHY????


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