[mrtg] Y Legend numeric values being divided by 1000

Thurston, David DThurston at mvusd.k12.ca.us
Wed Jan 9 16:19:43 MET 2002

Greetings All,

I'm sure this is a question worthy of the dreaded RTFM response, but I'm
running on very little sleep and my mind is beginning to drift, so I'm going
to post this regardless...

I'm graphing FECNs and BECNs on our frame-relay circuits and while things
seem to be working fine, I'm having some trouble getting my Y axis reference
points to report the correct values. I've set the MaxBytes value to 200000
and I've made the AbsMax value the same number, but instead of 200000 being
the top of the graph, I get 200.0 as the top value. This seems to be a
division "problem," as the actual values of the FECNs and BECNs are being
reporting and graphed properly. I think I've ruled out a scaling issue,
simply by trying almost all the scaling options available to me, but I may
very well be wrong. So, if anybody can slap me around and tell me what
simple little thing I'm missing, I'd be very grateful. I've attached a copy
of my configuration entry for further clarification (or maybe further
confusion...). Thanks in advance for putting up with my silly little

David Thurston

. at
Directory[creg-frame-err]: frame
WithPeak[creg-frame-err]: wdmy     
MaxBytes[creg-frame-err]: 200000
kMG[creg-frame-err]: ,, 
YLegend[creg-frame-err]: FECNs and BECNs
Options[creg-frame-err]: growright, nopercent, gauge
Unscaled[creg-frame-err]: dwmy
AbsMax[creg-frame-err]: 200000
Title[creg-frame-err]: FECNs and BECNs on
Colours[creg-frame-err]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#1000ff,BLUE#1000ff,VIOLET#ff00ff
Legend1[creg-frame-err]: FECNs since create time
Legend3[creg-frame-err]: BECNs since create time
LegendI[creg-frame-err]: FECNs
LegendO[creg-frame-err]: BECNs
PageTop[creg-frame-err]: <H1> FECNs and BECNs since PVC create time
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD> PVC for CREG </TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Information Systems</TD></TR>

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