[mrtg] APC SNMP/Web 9606 cards

Darren E. Broder dbroder at capcollege.bc.ca
Wed Jan 16 00:31:54 MET 2002

Hello All.

I was wondering if anyone has a better approach for gathering 'power usage'
stats for their APC UPSes than I have.  I've got a few 9606 SNMP/Web cards
which do not return a value for 'power use' in any nice form.

They do return voltage (. and current
(. output, but not watts.  To get watts from
those two would be a snap; multiply them and off you go.

Unfortunately, the 'current' OID returns 0 (zero), regardless of the load
placed on the UPS.  Perhaps this OID refers to output from the battery and
not the line...?

Anyways, what I've done to get around this is to use the % Load
(. (multiplied by .01 to get a 'real' number,
not a percentage) and THEN multiply that by the rated capacity (which I
neatly store in the FTPServerUser OID (.

In short, is there an easier way?

Or, is there a more accurate way?  I'm sure that the values returned here
are approximate at best.  The whole calculation relies on APC's 'rated
capacity' (SmartUPS 1000 = 670 watts), which could easily be inflated!

And then, to get the amps (since the OID for this doesn't seem to work), I
divide the watts by the voltage to get that (all of this multiplied by 10 to
get better granularity of the results)...

(If you like the code, feel free!)

Thanks for your help!!!  :)

Target[Sa109ups1_1]: at IP_NUMBER *
.01 * at IP_NUMBER
MaxBytes[Sa109ups1_1]: 3000
Title[Sa109ups1_1]: Sa109ups1 - Power Usage (in Watts)
PageTop[Sa109ups1_1]: <H2>Sa109ups1 - Power Usage (in Watts)</H2>
# Unscaled[Sa109ups1_1]: dwmy
YLegend[Sa109ups1_1]: Watts
ShortLegend[Sa109ups1_1]: watts
Legend2[Sa109ups1_1]: Sa109ups1 - Power Usage (in Watts)
LegendO[Sa109ups1_1]: &nbsp;Output Power:
--- CFG FILE ---

Target[Sa109ups1_6]: at IP_NUMBER *
.01 * at IP_NUMBER / at IP_NUMBER *
MaxBytes[Sa109ups1_6]: 100
Title[Sa109ups1_6]: Sa109ups1 - Current (in Amps x10)
PageTop[Sa109ups1_6]: <H2>Sa109ups1 - Current (in Amps x10)</H2>
# Unscaled[Sa109ups1_6]: dwmy
YLegend[Sa109ups1_6]: Amps (x10)
ShortLegend[Sa109ups1_6]: amps
Legend2[Sa109ups1_6]: Sa109ups1 - Output Current
LegendO[Sa109ups1_6]: &nbsp;Output Amps:
YTics[Sa109ups1_6]: 4
YTicsFactor[Sa109ups1_6]: 0.1
Factor[Sa109ups1_6]: 0.1
--- CFG FILE ---

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