[mrtg] Re: polling using SNMP V2c problem

Martin Rheumer martinr at hotkey.net.au
Tue Jan 29 19:03:18 MET 2002

Simon / Gents.

I upgraded my SNMP_Session and BER.pm to the ones from your site.
( in the tar ball, latest version ) and still getting the same
problem trying to use SNMP Version 2.

This time its 
WARNING: Expected a number but got ''
Not the unprintable error.

Running mrtg 2.9.17 on Linux.

Any more ideas. A lot more of our interfaces are running faster
and the data is missing more and more..


At 09:51 AM 1/28/02 -0700, Dave Sanders wrote:
>Simon, I am getting the same message with my MRTG config as well.
>WARNING: Expected a number but got '#<unprintable BER
> type 0x81>  I am running MRTG on a win/2000 box. Are there any updates
>that I could run to fix this problem? I guess I didn't understand what I
>needed to do with the SNMP_Session.pm/BER.pm on windows.

>From: Simon Leinen [mailto:simon at limmat.switch.ch]
>To: Yannis Nikolopoulos
>Subject: [mrtg] Re: polling using SNMP V2c problem

>> I recently upgraded from 2.8.4 to 2.9.17 in order to
>> use SNMP V2c for polling. Things seem to work but i
>> get quite a few of these:
>> ---- 
>> WARNING: Expected a number but got '#<unprintable BER type 0x81>'
>> ----
>> if this ASCII hex its not a printable char. Anybody got any ideas?
>I think I have fixed this problem in SNMP_Session.pm/BER.pm 0.87 and
>later.  SNMPv2 has different error handling than SNMPv1, and the code
>didn't handle that well.
>So if you are seeing this message, try the latest
>SNMP_Session.pm/BER.pm from
>  http://www.switch.ch/misc/leinen/snmp/perl
>with MRTG, and please provide some feedback on how it works for you,
>so that I can ask Tobi to ship this with future MRTG releases (or

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