[mrtg] Re: snmp problems

Sawyer, David david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com
Thu Jan 31 11:59:16 MET 2002

Double check your SNMP community string by doing the following....

view the config by using the following command...

sh run

and look near the end of the config for something like...

access-list 1 permit
access-list 1 permit
snmp-server community CommString RO 1
snmp-server host traps CommString snmp

So the above example means that 'CommString' is the community sting and the
'1' on the end will only let devices from 'access-list 1' to receive SNMP
Since your not too knowledgeable on configuring a router, ask your local IT
dept for help, don't do it your self.

You shouldn't really create your own configs until your confident about what
your doing.
Use 'cfgmaker' to create them, that way all should be ok.

How are you running MRTG on the Windows system?
I have created Windows Daemon www.geocities.com/mrtg_daemon that should be
of use to you.
When you get your config working take a look at it, I'm here if you have any
questions about it.



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Subject: [mrtg] snmp problems

Hi,I'm a new user of MRTG and I have some problems to configure the
software.I try to install MRTG on Win2000 server to monitor my router (Cisco
2500 series).After install Perl and create mrtg.cfg file,I try to configure
this file with router's IP but when I run command "perl mrtg mrtg.cfg"
obtain this error:"SNMPGET problem for ifInOctets.1 ifOutOctets.1 sysUptime
sysName on public at router's IP WARNING Expected a number but got ' ' WARNING
Expected a number but got ' '"
> I Know that there is something wrong in the cfg file but I don't
understand what!Can you explain me How can I get router's configuration(or
how can I configure router)?I try via Telnet (I have root passwor and ena
password but after I don't Know how to get information).If I can help you
sending a copy of  my mrtg.cfg file,I haven't problem to send you.I hope
that you understand my terrible english and thak you in advance for your
interest and for any help,ANDREa

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