[mrtg] Re: Class Based Queue

David Eshelman deshelman at crawford.com
Thu Jan 31 22:50:20 MET 2002

so since the xedia only reports traffic going one-way.... you have inbound
on one traffic class and outbound on another traffic class... so you want
one graph that shows the inbound traffic in green and the outbound traffic
in blue?? (colors irrelevent)

so say you have traffic class 4010 (inbound) and 4030 (outbound)

######## Traffic Class: 4010 on CBQ Traffic Manageme slot: 4 port: 1
Target[cbq.4.4010]:!public at
Directory[cbq.4.4010]: 4010
MaxBytes[cbq.4.4010]: 8000
AbsMax[cbq.4.4010]: 12500000
Options[cbq.4.4010]: bits
YLegend[cbq.4.4010]: Bits per Second
ShortLegend[cbq.4.4010]: b/s
Legend1[cbq.4.4010]: Traffic in Bits per Second
Legend3[cbq.4.4010]: Maximal 5 Minute Traffic
LegendI[cbq.4.4010]:  Out:
Title[cbq.4.4010]: 4010
PageTop[cbq.4.4010]: <H1>Bandwidth Monitor for 4010</H1>

######## Traffic Class: 4030 on CBQ Traffic Manageme slot: 4 port: 1
Target[cbq.4.4030]:!public at
Directory[cbq.4.4030]: 4030
MaxBytes[cbq.4.4030]: 8000
AbsMax[cbq.4.4030]: 12500000
Options[cbq.4.4030]: bits
YLegend[cbq.4.4030]: Bits per Second
ShortLegend[cbq.4.4030]: b/s
Legend1[cbq.4.4030]: Traffic in Bits per Second
Legend3[cbq.4.4030]: Maximal 5 Minute Traffic
LegendI[cbq.4.4030]: &nbsp;Out:
PageTop[cbq.4.4030]: <H1>Bandwidth Monitor for Traffic Class: 4030</H1>

You would the OIDs from 4010 and 4030 and combine them...?
pc4010 =
pc4030 =

to something like this ? (i'm not sure.. just taking a stab at it...)

Target[cbq.4.4010_4030]:!public at

and then modify your legends...? or will this even work?
LegendI[cbq.4.4010_4030]: &nbsp;In:
LegendO[cbq.4.4010_4030]: &nbsp;Out:

i haven't tried it... but thought i'd give my $.02

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