[mrtg] Re: cfgmaker IfInError Patches

Martin Rheumer martinr at hotkey.net.au
Thu Jul 11 13:14:37 MEST 2002

Not unlike me to answer my own question.

Due to the brilliant programming of Tobias and some really
bad perl hacking this is the answer to have a cfgmaker
based on 2.9.21 that can be used to make .cfg files that
graph ifInErrors and ifOutErrors.

Approx Line # 463

This line read 
                my $target_name = "${router_name}_$trim_if_ref";

I changed it to 

                my $target_name = "${router_name}_$trim_if_ref\_err";

This allows the errors to be 
Target[ip_address_ifindex(ref)_err]: blah blah

Approx Line # 533

   my $default_target_directive =
         "Target[$target_name]: $if_ref:$router_connect";

Was changed to 

   my $default_target_directive =

Now I had some problems with ATM sub interfaces that dont have .ifInErrors
values so changed some commented out lines from the code. 
These were at line # 375

#          elsif ($$router_dev{Vendor} eq 'cisco' and $$i{ifType} == 53) {
#               push @prob, "agregate cisco interface interface does not
count traffic";
#               $default_iftype = 0;
#           }

And made them comment out the interface type of 49 like this.

                elsif ($$router_dev{Vendor} eq 'cisco' and $$i{ifType} == 49)
                    push @prob, "cisco interface does not have IfInEerrors
                    $default_iftype = 0;

I pray I havent hacked major errors into cfgmaker.

PLEASE copy the existing cfgmaker 2.9.21 and call this something like
like I did. It will not work normally after my changes.

When you call it.. You will need something like this..

./cfgmaker.error  --global "WorkDir: /usr/local/mrtg/htdocs/router_name"
--global "Options[_]: Growright, Perminute, Integer, NoPercent" --global
"YLegend[_]: Errors/min" --global "ShortLegend[_]: Errors/min" --global
"IconDir: /gifs" public at ip_address

This is how I call it and it works a treat.

Any comments greatfully received.
I got a few comments about when you figure it out let me know so
I hope I am letting you know ;-))


At 11:29 AM 11/07/02 +1000, Martin Rheumer wrote:
>Did some searching today and found a patch to 
>cfgmaker to add IfInErrors to a cfgmaker script.
>Unfortunately its for an earlier version of cfgmaker.
>Has anyone patched / could lead me to the answer
>for cfgmaker 2.9.21 ..
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