[mrtg] Monitoring CRC Errors, Packet Corruption

Jeff Bolden Jeff.Bolden at sterlingsavings.com
Thu Jul 11 19:28:04 MEST 2002

OK, after searching the MIB's as well as the web for the past 2 days, I'm ready to throw up my hands and ask for some help. =)

I am currently monitoring some 100+ routers here, and am exploring graphing things like packet corruption, CRC errors, etc. Most of our internal routers are Motorola Vanguards. I have the Vanguard MIBS and have been browsing them, but I'm at a loss on a few of my stats.

First off, I want to monitor packet corruption on the frame links. No problem, except I realized that I'm not exactly sure what exactly constitutes packet corruption... =) What MIB2 OID/OID's should I be using to monitor this?

Next off, packet errors. I'm getting packet errors on the graph, but my graph shows some weird data. I attached the graph image, apologies if this is not allowed... =) On the Y axis the graph shows Errors with ticks at 5 10 15 20, but behind each number is the letter m. Also, in the Max/Avg/Current errors under the graph I have the same m behind the number. What the heck is going on here? I'm getting the same weird stuff on my CRC errors graphing. Here's my config...

### Interface X In/Out Errors

Target[]: at
YLegend[]: Errors
Unscaled[]: ym
WithPeak[]: ymw
Options[]: growright,nopercent
MaxBytes[]: 1000
ShortLegend[]: Packets
Legend1[]: Inbound Errors
Legend2[]: Outbound Errors
Legend3[]: 5 Min. Max Errors Inbound
Legend4[]: 5 Min. Max Errors Outbound
LegendI[]:  Errors Inbound:
LegendO[]:  Errors Outbound:
Title[]: Frame Packet Errors
PageTop[]: <H1>Frame Packet Errors</H1>

### Frame CRC Errors
# Vanguard OID

Target[]: at
YLegend[]: CRC Errors
Unscaled[]: ym
WithPeak[]: ymwd
Options[]: bits,growright,nopercent,unknaszero
MaxBytes[]: 1000
ShortLegend[]: CRC Errors
Legend1[]: Number of CRC Errors
Legend2[]: .
Legend3[]: Peak CRC Errors
Legend4[]: .
LegendI[]: Errors
Title[]: Frame CRC Errors
PageTop[]: <H1>Frame CRC Errors - 21934</H1>

I know this is probably some stupid config error, but I'm missing something obvious. =)

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