[mrtg] Packet Errors weirdness

Jeff Bolden Jeff.Bolden at sterlingsavings.com
Mon Jul 15 23:05:52 MEST 2002

This one has me scratching my head. =)I am monitoring Packet Errors on a Motorola Vanguard using the MIB2 OID to pull the data, but something is weird. 

I'm getting some packet errors on one of my frame connections. The errors are showing up on the graph, but my graph shows some weird data. When I originally posted this question, on the Y axis the graph showed Errors in multiples of 10, but behind each number was the letter m. Someone suggested adding a perhour to the target options, which I did. 

Now my numbers look about right on the graphing except for the Maximum, which shows a Max of 3.60k Packets. I kicked MaxBytes all the way down to 1 but the Maximum still shows 3.60k Max Packets. If I set MaxBytes to 10, the graph shows a Maximum 36k Packets. Since the perhour setting multiplies by 3600 I think I'm running into some kind of factoring thing here, but just can't seem to figure it out. All my other counters work fine, but this one is giving me fits. 

Here's my config...

### Interface X In/Out Errors

Target[]: at
YLegend[]: Errors
Unscaled[]: ymw
WithPeak[]: ymw
Options[]: growright,nopercent,perhour
MaxBytes[]: 1
ShortLegend[]: Packets
Legend1[]: Inbound Errors
Legend2[]: Outbound Errors
Legend3[]: 5 Min. Max Errors Inbound
Legend4[]: 5 Min. Max Errors Outbound
LegendI[]:  Errors Inbound:
LegendO[]:  Errors Outbound:
Title[]: Frame Packet Errors

Any ideas??

Jeff Bolden

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