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Tue Jul 30 20:48:31 MEST 2002

Firsth i whant to send a hello to all the IT personnel,  (Help desk To) K????

                                  " VIVA EL VERDE AMARELO "

ok, whell wagner you not need to compile the OID (Object Ident.), because its a
value that its built in with the device
if it use SNMP, like cisco the OID for it start : it means
CISCO,  and the next values are the information like
IOS version, memori, PKT lost etc. more less more than 11 values
x x x x.

the files that you compile are the MIB or part of it, a example in cisco page
you can find OID and MIB files, its more
easy use the oids, buth sometimes the Mibs has more things to play with.

you need some utils to get the information from the devices you can use SNMPWALK
for Unix o Win, Getif, etc
you can search them in the web.

i always say its better learn with examples, and here's a couple for memori and
frame, crc and pkt lost .cfg

and wagner :
                           !!!       READ THE POST BEFORE ASK !!!

WorkDir: c:\??????_mty
Options[_]: growright, unknaszero
WithPeak[_]: wmy
RunAsDaemon: YES

#CPU Router

Options[myroutercpu]: growright, gauge, nopercent, unknaszero
Target[myroutercpu]:"The community
u whant"@ the ip
Background[myroutercpu]: #4682B4
RouterUptime[myroutercpu]::"The community u whant"@ the ip
MaxBytes[myroutercpu]: 100
Title[myroutercpu]: CPU MC3810_GDL
PageTop[myroutercpu]: <H1>Utilizacion del CPU MC3810</H1>
YLegend[myroutercpu]: Utilizacion de CPU
ShortLegend[myroutercpu]: %
Legend1[myroutercpu]: CPU load in %
Legend3[myroutercpu]: Lectura Maxima Observed CPU
LegendI[myroutercpu]: &nbsp;CPU Load:

#contra mem

community u whant"@ the ip
YLegend[3810-mem]: Used vs Free
ShortLegend[3810-mem]: b
Maxbytes[3810-mem]: 32825240
AbsMax[3810-mem]: 32825240
Options[3810-mem]: gauge, unknaszero, growright
Background[3810-mem]: #4682B4
Unscaled[3810-mem]: wmy
Title[3810-mem]: Processor Memory for MC3810
Legend1[3810-mem]: Free memory
Legend2[3810-mem]: Used memory
Legend3[3810-mem]: Peak Free memory
Legend4[3810-mem]: Peak Used memory
LegendI[3810-mem]:  Free:
LegendO[3810-mem]:  Used:
PageTop[3810-mem]: <H1>Processor Memory for MC3810</H1>

#contra mem DETAILED


community u whant"@ the ip
YLegend[3810-memDTL]: Used vs Free
ShortLegend[3810-memDTL]: b
Maxbytes[3810-memDTL]: 32825240
AbsMax[3810-memDTL]: 32825240
Options[3810-memDTL]: gauge, unknaszero, growright
Background[3810-memDTL]: #4682B4
Unscaled[3810-memDTL]: ymwd
Title[3810-memDTL]: Processor Memory for MC3810
Legend1[3810-memDTL]: Free memory
Legend2[3810-memDTL]: Used memory
Legend3[3810-memDTL]: Peak Free memory
Legend4[3810-memDTL]: Peak Used memory
LegendI[3810-memDTL]:  Free:
LegendO[3810-memDTL]:  Used:
PageTop[3810-memDTL]: <H1>Processor Memory for MC3810</H1>

#Memoria utilizada en procesos y memoria libre


community u whant"@ the ip
ShortLegend[RouterMem]: Kbytes
MaxBytes[RouterMem]: 32000000
MaxBytes2[RouterMem]: 32000000
AbsMax[RouterMem]: 32000000
Options[RouterMem]: unknaszero, nopercent, growright, gauge
Background[RouterMem]: #4682B4
YLegend[RouterMem]: Memory Usage
Legend1[RouterMem]: Memory Utilized
Legend2[RouterMem]: .
Legend3[RouterMem]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[RouterMem]: .
LegendI[RouterMem]: Memory(PROC):
LegendO[RouterMem]: Memory(I/O):
Title[RouterMem]: Cisco MC3810 Memoria Utilizada en Procesos
PageTop[RouterMem]: <H1>Cisco MC3810 Memoria Utilizada en Procesos</H1>
Colours[RouterMem]: GREEN#00eb0c,RED#ff0000,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[RouterMem]: ymw

#the Mem


community u whant"@ the ip
ShortLegend[RouterMemDTL]: Kbytes
MaxBytes[RouterMemDTL]: 32000000
MaxBytes2[RouterMemDTL]: 32000000
AbsMax[RouterMemDTL]: 32000000
Options[RouterMemDTL]: unknaszero, nopercent, growright, gauge
Background[RouterMemDTL]: #4682B4
YLegend[RouterMemDTL]: Memory Usage
Legend1[RouterMemDTL]: Memory Utilized
Legend2[RouterMemDTL]: .
Legend3[RouterMemDTL]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[RouterMemDTL]: .
LegendI[RouterMemDTL]: Memory(PROC):
LegendO[RouterMemDTL]: Memory(I/O):
Title[RouterMemDTL]: Cisco MC3810 Memoria Utilizada en Procesos
PageTop[RouterMemDTL]: <H1>Cisco MC3810 Memoria Utilizada en Procesos</H1>
Colours[RouterMemDTL]: GREEN#00BFFF,RED#ff0000,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[RouterMemDTL]: ymw

#paquetes descartados por frame

community u whant"@ the ip * 300
MaxBytes[framepkt]: 300
Options[framepkt]: unknaszero, growright, gauge, nopercent
Background[framepkt]: #4682B4
WithPeak[framepkt]: wmy
YLegend[framepkt]: Errors
ShortLegend[framepkt]: Errors
Colours[framepkt]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
Legend1[framepkt]: Number of Frame Errors
Legend2[framepkt]: .
Legend3[framepkt]: Peak Number of Frame Errors
Legend4[framepkt]: .
LegendI[framepkt]: Errors:
LegendO[framepkt]: .
Title[framepkt]: Errores de Frame en el Enlace a guess???
PageTop[framepkt]: <H1>Errores de Frame en el Enlace a Axtel</H1>


Target[pk]:"The community
u whant"@ the ip * 300
MaxBytes[pk]: 100
Options[pk]: unknaszero, growright, gauge, nopercent
Background[pk]: #4682B4
Title[pk]: Paquetes Ignorados en el Router
PageTop[pk]: <H1>Paquetes Ignorados en el Enlace </H1>
YLegend[pk]: Ignored Pckt
ShortLegend[pk]: Packets
Legend1[pk]: Ignored Packets
Legend2[pk]: .
Legend3[pk]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[pk]: .
LegendI[pk]: Ignored Packets
LegendO[pk]: .
Colours[pk]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[pk]: ymw

#errores de CRC en el enlace a ?????

community u whant"@ the ip * 300
MaxBytes[crc]: 50
Options[crc]: unknaszero, growright, gauge, nopercent
Background[crc]: #4682B4
WithPeak[crc]: wmy
YLegend[crc]: CRC Errors
ShortLegend[crc]: Errors
Colours[crc]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
Legend1[crc]: Number of CRC Errors
Legend2[crc]: .
Legend3[crc]: Peak Number of CRC Errors
Legend4[crc]: .
LegendI[crc]: Errors:
LegendO[crc]: .
Title[crc]: CRC del Enlace a ???????
PageTop[crc]: <H1>CRC del Enlace ??????</H1>

This oid works for almost cisco family roeuters and swiches, if you have
problems with
use the utils mentioned above.

El Caibil

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