[mrtg] MBit/s vs. MByte/min

Jan Räther jan.raether at zmnh.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Jun 25 11:05:11 MEST 2002

Hi there,

i found a page (http://www.serassio.it/SquidNT/MRTG.htm) about Squid and
MRTG yesterday, implemented it on my site here and it seems to work fine.
But i have some small questions about the configuration. Is it possible to
show the graph's in MBit/s and not MByte/min? Here is my Configuration (as
stated on the page):

LoadMIBS: /var/www/squid-traffic/conf/mib.txt

WorkDir: /var/www/squid-traffic/data

# Der Proxy Traffic in b/min
cacheServerInKb&cacheServerOutKb:shizzle at
MaxBytes[proxy-srvkbinout]: 12500000 Title[proxy-srvkbinout]: Cache Server
Traffic In/Out PageTop[proxy-srvkbinout]: <H2>Cache Statistics: Server
traffic volume (In/Out)</H2> <TABLE>
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Me, Myself and I</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>Squid Proxy server</TD></TR>
Suppress[proxy-srvkbinout]: y
LegendI[proxy-srvkbinout]:  Traffic In
LegendO[proxy-srvkbinout]:  Traffic Out
Legend1[proxy-srvkbinout]:  Traffic In
Legend2[proxy-srvkbinout]:  Traffic Out
YLegend[proxy-srvkbinout]: per minute
ShortLegend[proxy-srvkbinout]: b/min
kMG[proxy-srvkbinout]: k,M,G,T
kilo[proxy-srvkbinout]: 1024
Options[proxy-srvkbinout]: nopercent, growright, unknaszero, perminute

With that Configuration the graphs are displaying the Traffic in Megabyte
per Minute. But because i want them to be displayed in MegaBit per Second,
i changed the "ShortLegend[proxy-srvkbinout]:" value to "b/s", added
"bits" to "Options[proxy-srvkbinout]:" and removed "perminute". Now the
values are displayed as Mb/s, but the values are way to high. Before the
changes i got something like 52 Megabyte/min. Now the graphs show me
something like 420 MegaBit/s. So the units are displayed right, but the
values are still in "perminute" i guess... I'm a bit confused, so it would
be nice if you could point me to the options to change/add.

Thanks in advance,


Jan Räther
Universität Hamburg
Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie
Service-Gruppe EDV
Falkenried 94
20251 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 428 - 03 - 6619
Fax.: 040 - 428 - 03 - 6621

Tell a man there are 300 billion stars
in the universe and he'll believe you.
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