[mrtg] Re: indexmaker question

TORREST torrest at andaluciajunta.es
Thu Jun 27 13:09:29 MEST 2002


>>Hi all,

>>I run multiple configs per box for MRTG and I want to combine 2 boxes in
>>index page.
>>Is it possible to run indexmaker and get it to look @ 2 configs ?

yes its posible 


>>indexmaker --title "Main web servers" --output /var/www/mrtg/main-web.html
>>config1.cfg config2.cfg
>>^^ The above doesn't work :(

try with this:                                                                 
nbspindexmaker --title='Main web servers'
-output=/var/www/mrtg/main-web.htmlconfig1.cfg config2.cfg

this command raise a warning like this: 

               Can't locate package $VERSION for @MRTG_lib::ISA at (eval 6)
line 1. 

but run ok.  

for nothing. 

agustin torres 


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