[mrtg] Re: 64bit rateup

John Pavlakis John.Pavlakis at thomson.com.au
Mon Nov 4 00:59:02 MET 2002

Thanks for the quick reply,

It seems that the correct x value is being indicated, however it tops out as
the y value is always a maximum of 8.8 Gb. Here is my cfg entries,

# Information on Database Size - LAT_Prod_ED

MaxBytes[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: 54760833024
Title[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: Sydthqbms03 - LAT_Prod_ED Database
YLegend[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: Database Size
ShortLegend[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: B
kilo[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: 1024
WithPeak[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: ymw
Options[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: nopercent, gauge, growright
Unscaled[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: dwmy
Legend1[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: Databse Size
Legend3[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: Maximal 5 Minute Database Size
LegendI[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]:  Size:
PageTop[Sydthqbms03.LAT_Prod_ED]: <H1>LAT_Prod_ED Database
The script returns the following values,

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



From: Jay Hennigan [mailto:jay at west.net]
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Subject: Re: [mrtg] Re: 64bit rateup

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, John Pavlakis wrote:

> Hi Tobi,
> I have compiled the new rateup.c into mrtg. I am currently monitoring the
> size of several sql databases that are up to 50Gb in size. The problem
> I am experiencing is that the Y axis is showing a miximum of 8.8 Gb. Is
> common or just with me?

It sounds like it could be a bits/bytes issue as it looks like about a
factor of 8.  Are they scaling to 8.8G or topping out?

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