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Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 10:39:23 MEST 2002


If in doubt, cheat. The manglement call it latteral thinking.

Your problem may lie in MRTG, your network or the Dell
Others have offered MRTG fixes.
So how about checking your network and the Dell

Does Dell have a decent website for support?

Does Getif and/or ActiveSNMP manage to get responses while MRTG fails?
Can they graph the OID? (doesn't solve your problem, but helps find the

Do the SNMP requests get lost en route? (time for a packet sniffer)
Do responses get generated but lost?
Does Ping work?

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I know I've posted this before, but I am going crazy...

Regardless of the PC I run MRTG on I have sporadic problems trying to graph
a series of Dell PowerConnect switches.  Things will hum along nicely for
days / weeks and suddenly I'll start getting the following error...

SNMP Error: no response received

            Stopping MRTG and restarting it several times in a row
fixes the problem, other times I have to wait a day or so and then it will
work, but obviously having big gaps in my graphs isn't very useful.

            Is it possible the switches are just getting overloaded and
can't respond to MRTG in time?  Is there a way to increase the timeout
threshold for MRTG so it will wait a bit longer or retry the SNMP get?  I
see the timeout and retries on the error, how do I bump these up?  Or am I
way off base here.

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