[mrtg] Re: IOS ver support ifindexes Etherenet 802.1q

Håkan Lindholm hakan at spray.se
Fri Sep 13 01:19:55 MEST 2002

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, McDonald, Dan wrote:

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> From: Håkan Lindholm [mailto:hakan at spray.se]
> >On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Felipe Ramirez Cruz wrote:
> >> Somebody knows that IOS versions (Cisco 2600) allow to obtain ifindex
> >> the subinterfaces 802.1q by means of MRTG
> >> I have not been able to find information related in the pagina of 
> >> Cisco....
> >There is alot. I use www.cisco.com/go/fn - Feature Navigator.
> >
> >Feature "SNMP Support for vLAN (ISL, DOT1Q) Subinterfaces (SNMP 
> >support for IfTable for vLAN (ISL, DOT1Q) subinterfaces)" requires
> >12.2(8)T.
> >> I have MRTG 2.9.17
> >> 
> >> the version of IOS of the 2600 real is 12.1(5)T10 
> >
> >I think you need at least 12.2(8)T. I would choose the latest 12.2
> >(non-T). If you would use ISL instead of dot1q, 12.1(3)T would be enough
> >(12.1(5)T10 just fine).
> Mainline 12.2 code does not have support.  You are stuck with the most
> recent T train (or wait for 12.3...)

Stupid me, you are right!  In IOS, non-T releases are "older" that T
releases, in general.
http://www.cisco.com/warp/customer/620/roadmap_b.shtml shows the relation
between different IOS releases. 

> This was supposed to be fixed in a late 12.1T revision, but they screwed
> whilst fixing the bug and missed Dot1Q support.  This was acknowledged as
> simple oversight by the DE's.  However, it happened right at the
> for 12.2, and it was classed as a "feature" instead of a "bug", so we have
> to wait for 12.3 or 13.0 for that "feature" to be intergrated into a
> main-line release.


Any dates for these releases? ;-)


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