[mrtg] Re: Newbie needs help with OS-X

fleep at accesstech.com fleep at accesstech.com
Fri Apr 18 04:18:22 MEST 2003

At 14:26 -0500 03.04.17, Joe Uselding wrote:
>I have been looking at MRTG for a few days now and I am very eager to begin
>using it.  I would like to monitor our Cisco 1720 router, as well as a
>number of Servers running Mac OS 10.1-10.2 Server.
>I have gone through and read the FAQ and checked out a number of different
>website links but I am still a little lost.  I was able to get MRTG
>installed under 10.2.4 client.  Now I am getting to the configuration part
>and setting up my web server.  Has anyone else used Mac OS X and can you
>possibly walk me through this?  Thanks in advance for all of your help!

There is really not much difference of running MRTG on OS X than other
platform. I use MRTG to monitor routers, ping times, temp and several other
things with no problem.

Setting up the web server part is a non issue as all you have to do is have
your WorkDir set to /Library/WebServer/Documents/what_ever_folder_you_want
and then turn on Web Serving in the Admin or System Prefs Panel.

To Monitor OS X Client you will need to install net-snmp (OS X Server has
this installed as default) and then just run cfgmaker -c public localhost >
mrtg.cfg to get your network In/Out throughput.

One day I will write a proper guide on MRTG, net-snmp and OS X.


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