[mrtg] Re: MRTG config for 1720?

Asaf Rapoport arapoport at telepacific.com
Tue Apr 29 03:38:14 MEST 2003

 Thank you Ross!
Anyone out there having better luck with the 1720?
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Subject: RE: MRTG config for 1720?

Hi Asaf,
For the 1720 I found a config for the CPU, but not sure it's working
100%.  The numbers just seem low..
Here it is.
## CPU usage
YLegend[*.*.*.*_cpu]: CPU Utilization
ShortLegend[*.*.*.*_cpu]: %
MaxBytes[*.*.*.*_cpu]: 100
Options[*.*.*.*_cpu]: nopercent, gauge, unknaszero
#Unscaled[*.*.*.*_cpu]: dwmy
Legend1[*.*.*.*_cpu]: CPU Utilization
Legend2[*.*.*.*_cpu]: .
Legend3[*.*.*.*_cpu]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[*.*.*.*_cpu]: .
LegendI[*.*.*.*_cpu]: CPU:
LegendO[*.*.*.*_cpu]: .
Title[*.*.*.*_cpu]: CPU load %
PageTop[*.*.*.*_cpu]: <H1>CPU load %</H1>
Colours[*.*.*.*_cpu]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[*.*.*.*_cpu]: ymw
I had much more luck with the 7206.
MaxBytes[*.*.*.*.cpu]: 100 
Title[*.*.*.*.cpu]: 7206psmel - CPU Usage (%) 
YLegend[*.*.*.*.cpu]: CPU Usage (%) 
ShortLegend[*.*.*.*.cpu]: % 
Legend2[*.*.*.*.cpu]: CPU Usage 
LegendO[*.*.*.*.cpu]: Usage: 
Options[*.*.*.*.cpu]: nopercent, gauge 
SetEnv[*.*.*.*.cpu]: MRTG_INT_IP="*.*.*.*" MRTG_INT_DESCR="CPU Usage" 
PageTop[*.*.*.*.cpu]: <H1>7206psmel - CPU Usage (%)</H1> 
  <TR><TD>System:</TD> <TD>7206psmel </TD></TR> 
  <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>CPU Usage </TD></TR> 
MaxBytes[*.*.*.*.mem]: 256000000 
Title[*.*.*.*.mem]: 7206psmel - MEM Free Usage (%) Max MEM = 256000K 
YLegend[*.*.*.*.mem]: MEM Usage (MB) 
LegendO[*.*.*.*.mem]: Free MEM: 
LegendI[*.*.*.*.mem]: Used MEM: 
Options[*.*.*.*.mem]: nopercent,gauge 
PageTop[*.*.*.*.mem]: <H1>7206psmel - MEM Free Usage (%) Max MEM =
256000K </H1> 
  <TR><TD>System:</TD> <TD>7206psmel </TD></TR> 
  <TR><TD>Description:</td><TD>Memory Usage </TD></TR> 
#7000 Inlet Temp degrees Centigrade 
# Outlet Temp degrees Centigrade 

YLegend[*.*.*.*.temp]: Degrees C 
ShortLegend[*.*.*.*.temp]: &deg;C 
MaxBytes[*.*.*.*.temp]: 50 
Options[*.*.*.*.temp]: nopercent, gauge 
Unscaled[*.*.*.*.temp]: dwmy 
AbsMax[*.*.*.*.temp]: 50 
Title[*.*.*.*.temp]: 7206psmel Temperature Sensors 
Legend1[*.*.*.*.temp]: Average 1 minute Inlet Temperature 
Legend2[*.*.*.*.temp]: Average 1 minute Outlet Temperature 
Legend3[*.*.*.*.temp]: Average 5 minute Inlet Temperature 
Legend4[*.*.*.*.temp]: Average 5 minute Outlet Temperature 
LegendI[*.*.*.*.temp]: &nbsp;Inlet: 
LegendO[*.*.*.*.temp]: &nbsp;Outlet: 
PageTop[*.*.*.*.temp]: <H1> Temperature - Degrees C </H1> 
  <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>Temperature Sensors </TD></TR> 
I had some help from a gentlemen on this list, but for the life of me I
can't remember his name  :(
Sorry  :)

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Subject: MRTG config for 1720?

Hello Ross,
Were you able to find the config for CPU / Mem on a 1720?
How about a 7206?

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[mrtg] cisco 1720 cpu config


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Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting mrtg to graph cpu usage on a Cisco 1720

Has anyone accomplished this, is it possible ?

If so, can get the values and a sample config ? :)





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Thank you,


Asaf Rapoport

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