[mrtg] Re: Cisco 7206 - 64 bit counter works on one interface, bu t not anoth er?

Makai József jozsef.makai at siemens.com
Mon Aug 4 18:19:38 MEST 2003

In all places where ``community at router'' is accepted, you can add additional
parameters for the SNMP communication using colon-separated suffixes. The
full syntax is as follows: 
 community at router[:[port][:[timeout][:[retries][:[backoff][:version]]]]]
where the meaning of each parameter is as follows:


the UDP port under which to contact the SNMP agent (default: 161) 


initial timeout for SNMP queries, in seconds (default: 2.0) 


number of times a timed-out request will be retried (default: 5) 


factor by which the timeout is multiplied on every retry (default: 1.0). 


for SNMP version if you have a fast router you might want to put a '2' here.
This will make mrtg try to poll the 64 bit counters. And thus prevent
excessive counter wrapping. Not all routers support this though. 

 3:public at router1:::::2


> Hi folks,
> Can you think of any reason why 64 bit counters will work great on one
> router interface, but not another?
> I am adding 2 interfaces together, both in and out traffic to 
> get a TOTAL BW
> graph, but it works perfect on interface 2, but I still see 
> that counters
> wrapping on 4.  The traffic volume is higher on 2 as well.
> Using rateup w/mrtg v2.9.25 on win2k
> This one works:
> Target[working-TOTAL-AGGREGATE]: -2:public at +
> -2:public at + 2:public at +
> 2:public at
> MaxBytes[working-TOTAL-AGGREGATE]: 25000000
> This one still wraps:
> Target[non-working_TOTAL-AGGREGATE]: -4:public at +
> -4:public at + 4:public at +
> 4:public at
> MaxBytes[non-working_TOTAL-AGGREGATE]: 25000000
> Thanks,
> Brandon
> Brandon Baker
> Manager, Security & Network Services
> Inforonics, Inc
> Voice: (978) 698-7458
> Email: brandon.baker at inforonics.com

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