[mrtg] Weird numbers on my FreeBSDs

Jónatan natti at routing.is
Mon Aug 25 21:40:14 MEST 2003


I am using FreeBSD 4.8, and I have some trouble using mrtg.
Weather I get the info from a cisco router (using a config made from
cfgmaker) or from an external command (who just reads the values from a

Tried both mrtg 2.9.29 and 2.9.25

This is the thing, whenever I produce the graph, I can see (by using mrtg
--debug=base) that mrtg is getting the right values.
On the other hand, the values in the .log file are, well, not right.
Here's an example:
993254400 4294967296 -4629708061978656768 2885555223558881280 0
993168000 4294967296 -4629708061978656768 2885555223558881280 0
993081600 4294967296 -4629708061978656768 2885555223558881280 0
992995200 4294967296 -4629708061978656768 2885555223558881280 0

And the graph looks the same, not right at all....
It's all green and looks like i've been running it the whole day (even if
I just started it ...)

Tried this on 2 diffrent machines, that both have the same in common,
they're verson 4.8 of FreeBSD.
I've used mrtg with success on earlier FreeBSDs.

Im not sure what info you might need, but here goes:

mrtg 2.9.29 and 2.9.25 (tried both)
gd 1.8.4_7 and 1.8.4_6
png 1.2.5_2
perl 5.005 and perl 5.8.0

Like I said, doesn't matter weather I use snmp to get from a cisco router,
or just cat blahh.values  (wich then has 4 lines, the first 2 with
numbers, then uptime and name(the uptime and name do go to the graph

Thanks in advance

Jónatan // Natti
natti at routing.is

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