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Jónatan natti at routing.is
Tue Aug 26 21:23:42 MEST 2003

> Hello,
>> From: Jónatan [mailto:natti at routing.is]
>> Hi...
>> Im trying to understand weather to use gauge, absolute or neither. Ive
>> seen the description in the command reference, but im not
>> sure weather im getting it right.
>> Im using an external program that reads the value from a file (cat).
>> At midnight the values start at zero, then slowly goes up
>> (never resetted)
>> until at midnight the value goes back to zero.
>> (So, for example, at midnight, I have 0, at 8am I have 1200,
>> at 8pm i have
>> 5300 and at 11:59pm i have 9000, and goes on like this)
>> Which options should I use? gauge, absolute or just skip the options.
>> If I use gauge, it shows at 12:00(noon) for the 5 minute interval that
>> current: 1200.
>> But the reality is that I've got 1200 from midnight, but last
>> 5 minutes
>> only 30.
>> How can I make my graph show this?
> I am not sure, that I understood your question.
> What do you want get displayed? Only the difference from one reading to
> the next or the absolute value of the reading?
> For the difference: use no option, this is the default behaviour
> For the absolute value: use "Options[xxx]: gauge" in the config for this
>                         graph.
> It would be easier to answer, if you post the few interesting lines of
> your  mrtg.cfg here. Then we all here can read, what you did.
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Ok, ill try to explain this.
Whenever someone runs one program on my computer, the program increses the
number in /var/www/htdocs/mrtg/ppl.count

What im basicly saying is, I want the graph to show me how many times the
program was started last 5 minutes.
Instead it only shows me how many times it was started total.
(So there's no use of the "max" "average" and "current" statements at the
bottom of the graph, as the max and current are always the same)

However, if I remove the "gauge" keyword, and leave only "growbits" the
graph doesn't show me anything at all.
current: 0 and nothing at all on the graph.

"cat /var/www/htdocs/mrtg/ppl.count"   gives me these 4 lines:

then, 5 minutes later
"cat /var/www/htdocs/mrtg/ppl.count"   gives me these 4 lines:

Workdir: /var/www/htdocs/mrtg
Interval: 5
Refresh: 300
Background[_]: #FFFFFF
#Options[_]: growright
Options[_]: growright, gauge
Target[people]: `cat /var/www/htdocs/mrtg/ppl.count`
Title[people]: Program Test being run
PageTop[people]: <H1>Program Test being run</H1>
Directory[people]: bla
MaxBytes[people]: 10000
YLegend[people]: Runs
ShortLegend[people]: &nbsp; &nbsp;

I hope I made this understandable.

Jónatan // Natti
natti at routing.is

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