[mrtg] Re: how to aggregate multiple targets

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 09:56:02 MET 2003

> > > how can i aggregate multiple targets into one graph using MRTG?
> > > without polling them again, but using the existing logfiles?
> > > i want to see the traffic of multiple interfaces in one cisco box.
> >
> > One option is using MRTG & RRD with Routers2 as a viewer
> > That has a User Defined Graph option that can be the Total of a number
> > other grpahs

> I would have thought someone had come up with a script to use databases
> two targets, and combine the data to create a third (aggregate) data set,
> graphs and html pages.  No?

I have not heard of one

> Are there major difficulties to this approach?  I can think of possible
> problems with time stamps that don't match, but there are probably
> work-arounds for even those.

Sounds right. If you're a programmer, try it. Many of us are just users

> I'd like to do this plus something even simpler - generate two sets of
> one with peaks and one without, from a single polling of a target.  How
> to go about this?  Once again, I would have thought someone had already
> solved this with a script, perhaps one that reads an existing database,
> the most recent polling numbers and timestamp and feeds them to mrtg.

Once again, try Routers2.
Create a 'live' cfg that runs with MRTG & RRD creating the database, and a
'dummy' cfg that is invoked by the routers2.cgi, that has the same target
twice, once with peaks and once without.
Once MRTG has captured the data, you can view it how (and as often as) you


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