[mrtg] Re: MRTG + Cisco Catalyst 5000/6000 Switch port.name

Mike Wren mwren at burnsmcd.com
Tue Dec 2 23:42:26 MET 2003

On cfgmaker I am using --ifref=name --ifdesc=descr and I am getting the
port names on both my Cat 5000's and 6500's.
Michael Wren
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>>> "Chris Zimmerman - ANET NOC Manager" <chris at anet.com> 12/02/2003
2:24:51 PM >>>


I actually tried to use your template, and it wouldn't work for me. 
you be able to help me?  The command line I am using right now is:

./cfgmaker --ifref=name --ifdesc=alias --if-template=catos.txt
--community=fuqd4y --output=oec-cat5000.cfg --global "Options[_]:
--global "WorkDir: /var/www/html/oec-cat5000" --global "HtmlDir:
/var/www/html/oec-cat5000" --global "ImageDir:
/var/www/html/oec-cat5000/images" --global "IconDir: /images" --global
"LogDir: /var/www/html/oec-cat5000" --global "RunAsDaemon: Yes"
"Interval: 5" fuqd4y at

And I have "set port name" statements for several of the ports, yet it
won't pick them up.  If I show the running config on the CAT, they are
there, but they just won't get picked up by the system.  It is killing

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Okay, I have searched high and low about this, and I can't seem to come
with an answer.  We are running MRTG on a RedHat v7 server.  MRTG
perfect for graphing traffic for all of our Cisco routers, and Cisco
Catalyst 3548 switches running Cisco IOS.

Where we have a problem is with our big Catalyst 5000 and 6000 switches
run CAT OS.  We have "set port name blah blah blah" set up for the
ports on the switch.  However, when we try to run cfgmaker, no matter
CLI switch parameters I use, there is no way that I can get the port
name to
pull as the description/name of the interface.  Hence the config file
very tough to follow, and the resulting graphs are nothing more than
numbers, which is tough for us to know what graph goes it what
customer.  I
am sure there is a bug, or something here I am missing.  Can someone
there please help me.


Chris Zimmerman

chris at anet.com

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